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Our Concept of Care


With a passion for architecture, the environment and working with people, a group of friends decided to follow their dreams to build a resort on Samui with a team that followed a Concept of Care.

Energy Saving

In tropical countries, Air Conditioning (AC) is the major part of the electric energy consumption and waste (more than 50% of the resorts energy consumption is from AC). So, our building design and material use has been planned to help save energy.

  1. Effective building layout – In Thailand, the most energy efficient building design is one with a long east-west axis, with the narrowest building elevations facing east and west to minimize heat gain into the building from the sun. The sun in Thailand has the southern angle, so we designed our 3 main buildings to have corridors, lifts and bathrooms on the south side to block the heat from the sun to enter our Guests rooms; also using double layer walls with insulation on the east and west sides of all buildings.
  1. Material uses to block the heat – High insulating materials can significantly reduce heat transferred into buildings. In our resort, we have tried to use only materials that block and reflect the heat; such as 6 inch thick microfiber within aluminum foil package, white ceramic paint, light gray gravel on all concrete roofs to create air gaps that can block heat gain from the sun, wooden grills to block direct sun light, shadings from sun screens, trees and foliage, etc.

We use a split-type water heating system rather than the centralized system as this minimizes the distance between the heaters and the showers or tubs in our Guest rooms. This prevents heat and energy loss running along long distances; having to then use excessive heat at the source or having to heat the pipes along the entire distance. Additionally, it allows us to manage zones and turn off heaters for each zone, based on the occupancy of the resort.

We have 45 swimming pools in our resort including private pools and so ensuring that the pumps run efficient is a key part of our energy awareness plan. We are the only resort in Thailand that has imported pool specialist filter material from Germany called Fibalon (www.casa-pools.com/fibalon). This hi-tech filter material helps shorten the pump running time from 12 hours down to 8 hours per day, meaning a 30% of electric reduction and energy saving.

All electric equipment and appliances used in our resort are selected to meet the government top class energy saving certifications; including AC, refrigerators, TV, hairdryers, irons, water boilers, etc.

All Guest rooms use an electric key card system to ensure that AC-units, lighting and other electrical devices aren’t forgotten and left running in vacant rooms.

*Our televisions are not a part of this automatic system as it is important to perform soft power downs to LED Televisions to prolong their lives. With 125 rooms and televisions we wish to minimize the waste of electrical devices added to the world.

Eco-Friendly Wooden Materials


All outdoor wood elements and most indoor equipment are made from bamboo, the fastest growing tree from plantation. The hi-tech industrial processes made the compressed laminated bamboo become very durable; so can be used for many years. Its durability helps reduce the rate that we have to repair and replace when the materials are damaged.

Recycled Wood

All our oak wood flooring uses a 4mm veneer layer of real oak as its surface finish, with the base built from recycled wood particle bonded together.

Designed for the Future

Water Use

Water Supply

Water shortage is a major problem in Koh Samui, with many areas including our resort not having a public water supply. We therefore collect water naturally and built our own underground water management system; including 3 deep wells, 2 shallow wells and building a 800 cubic meter rain water collection tank.

Our gardens also use a dripping irrigation system throughout the resort in order to minimize the use of fertilizer and daily waste water.

Wastewater Treatment

To use our precious water efficiently, we invested in our own underground wastewater treatment plant; separated into 2 treatment systems:

Black-Water Sewage from toilets and kitchens – Treated to meet the government required standard and piped to the public waste drainage system, with the filtered sewage then collected by the government sewage trucks.

Gray-Water from showers and bathtubs – Treated, filtered, disinfected by ozone gas and recycled into the resort garden irrigation system. In case of drought and severe water shortage, our system can switch to use this recycled gray-water to flush our toilets.

Chemical Use

We try to minimize the use of chemicals that may damage the environment to the lowest level possible.

AC Coolant

We use the latest R410a cooling chemical in our AC-units. Unlike alkyl halide / R-22 refrigerants, R-410A does not contribute to ozone depletion. R-410A also reduces power consumption and the overall impact on global warming due to reduced greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

Cleaning Products

We select only environmental friendly products for all Guest room and kitchen related cleaning.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Our main pool and in-room pools and Jacuzzis use a saltwater cleansing system; this reduces the use of chlorine by 90% compared to a traditional chlorine pool system.

Water Treatment

We use ozone gas to treat and disinfect the resort water supply instead of chlorine; so no dissolved chemicals are used in our water treatment system.

Pest Control

All pesticides used at the resort are non-toxic and environmental friendly.

Waste Management

All waste garbage from rooms and resort facilities are collected and separated into paper and card, plastic, glass and metals.

These are then transferred on to local plants for recycling.  Our waste foods are also separated and sent to local pig farmers to help support the local community.